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          My life in USA

          Patrícia Dzurusová  3.A


          Waking up very early, getting ready and saying the last goodbye to my best friend – that’s how I was leaving Slovakia. I almost mist my plane from Kosice to Prague, I almost lost at the Prague airport and the plane to New York was waiting just for me. Finally, the plane took of and I told my self: if your going to make this all the way to USA, than there is nothing else standing in your way trough life. Leaving Europe, not really knowing when I will visit it again.

          New York’s airport is huge; it is more or less just like a little city in a building. However, the plane to Pittsburgh had a delay. I was very nervous. I got to Pittsburgh, I walked out from the building and  with a big smile I stopped a taxi and gave a piece of paper with the address of my new home to the driver. The taxi stopped in front of a big 3 lever house with nice Christmas lights. I gave a few dollars to the driver and walked up the stairs, I rang the bell and my dad opened. We were talking whole night.

          In a morning we went shopping. One shop was at least 5 times bigger than Polus. I bought so many things for few dollars. It is ridiculous how cheap the clothes are there. Everyone in the mall was so nice; people were smiling talking I felt like I belonged there.

          I started the second semester at school there. My school was awesome, just perfect, right for me. All the teachers welcomed me like I was someone very special and important to them. At firs I was scared to talk to other students but I just needed some time. I had big depressions and I was very sad for a few months but after 3 month my English was great and things were easier since than.  One morning I just woke up and went to school driving a yellow bus like everyday but that day was different I was finally smiling. I got used to the new home, school, teachers and found great friends but I was still missing my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and my old friends, especially one - my best friend. I guess that not having her around every day was the hardest thing to get trough.

          After I found friends who liked me for being so much different from them I became more open and happy. I was 15 years old and I was hanging out with seniors (students in the last grade of high school). They even gave me a nick name. They called me Trish or P.DIDY because of my inicials

          Over the summer I went home, spending every single day with my old friends. Summer went fast, too fast and I had to go back. School started and I started being invited to so many parties I could not pick where to go. My parents were very happy about that and so was I. Since than I felt like at home in two countries.

          When dad told me that we are moving back home I did not really know how to feel. I spent almost 2 years in USA and I had friends there but on the other side my family my other friends were in Slovakia. I was crying for weeks asking myself what to do but the answer never came. I flew home, moving back into a flat, living in a small city Kosice. I mean Kosice is not a small city but after living in Pittsburgh it was too little for me.

          After few months I got back into my old ways. And now? Well, I am happy to be back, I just look at things different way than some teenagers here do and some of their problems look to me as a small pea in their way in life compared to what I had to get trough. I am so proud of my self for not breaking down when many other people would.


          Patricia Trish Dzurusova




          Patrícia Dzurusová  3.A


          That is my favorite season. What it makes so special? Actually, everything about it is some kind of awesomeness from kids playing soccer, dogs playing fetch, grown ups being nicer and teenagers … I guess they always stay the same, not reliable, selfish and self-centered.

          The summer started and I do not have any plans … great! All my friends are going to leave for the big break and me? I am so going to stay at home the whole entire time, babysitting my sister and dogsitting our grandma’s dog which is retarded. All I want to do is ironically say that I am going to have the best time of my life this year … hurray!

           Day 1- I just hate this. Mom is with her new husband somewhere in mountains having a good time. She calls 5 times a day, it is really annoying. James (mom’s new man #1) is nice. I like him he gives me more freedom than mom gives me, but did he really have to take her away from me for 2 months? Did he really? Never mind I am over my sad days ready to cheer up and go shopping with Emma (my sis), Jessica (the dog) and myself.

          Day 2- the second day started and I do not feel happy about the situation at all. Emma sleeps with Jess in a basket for dogs; I gave up on telling her to go to the bed after she bit me. Jess looks like a happy mom with a kid without fur. I just started thinking about throwing a huge party! I mean, my house is almost empty and maybe there is still someone in this world that would come.

          Day 3- party is tomorrow. I went shopping at 2 am because I did not want to take the ZOO with me. Anyways, Emma started calling me mom, which is frustrating but still nicer than calling me puppy.

          Day 4- I am sick. Party day is today and I am not sure I can make it. Mom called and some kind of inside voice started telling me not to do a huge party without my parents allowing me. The party is not happening. I am going to call everyone and tell them not to come because I don’t feel like it. Why am I so scared? My mom and James are on the other side of the world and I still cannot throw a party! I am a chicken! Stupid chicken!

          After thinking about not having the party, I came to a big invention. I was not a teenager anymore, I started acting as a grown up. I could have thrown the party and nobody would have known but I did not because I did not want to do something behind my mom’s back. Finally, I changed; when mom and James came home, everything was perfect just as they left it. Mommy started giving me more freedom without any question. See how one party can change your world forever?